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The venue for Zebrafish Infection and Immunity 7 is:

Orion Building 

Wageningen University,

Bronland 1,

Building nr. 103,

6708WH Wageningen

More information about Wageningen

Getting here.

If you travel to the Netherlands by plane, you will arrive at Schiphol Airport or Eindhoven Airport. From both airports it’s possible to travel to Wageningen by public transport.

Public transport.

In order to travel via public transport, we advise you to buy an public transport card at Schiphol service points or at the train stations, called an ‘ov chipkaart’. Please visit the ov chipkaart website to find out how to buy an anonymous or a personalized card. Note, it is no longer possible to pay cash or buy tickets on the train. You can also buy your tickets online at 

Direct trains depart from Schiphol Airport to Ede-Wageningen every 30 minutes. Take the intercity train in the direction of Nijmegen. Your final stop is Ede-Wageningen. Travel time from Schiphol to Ede-Wageningen is approximately one hour.

From station Ede-Wageningen, it’s just a straight bus ride to Wageningen Campus. You can use line C3 or 303 and depart at the Campus/Atlas bus stop. This is less than 5 min walk from the building (approx. 400 m). 

If you booked one of the hotels in Wageningen you can take a bus to the centre of Wageningen. Looking to take a taxi? The fare from the railway station to campus is about €30.

We advise to use the 9292 journey planner’s website or app to plan your trip.

More information about travelling from Schiphol Airport to Wageningen can be found here.

More information about travelling from Eindhoven Airport to Wageningen can be found here.

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